Selina Gerosa

Graphic and Web Designer

spring mixology class tasting event banner

Zachys Fine Wine is an international wine store and auction house. They needed some help getting everything done during their busy auction season. As a junior digital designer, I designed web graphics in a variety of aspect ratios for in-store tasting events. I also worked on in-store projects, like tabloid and face plate posters for tasting events and cocktail recipe cards.


in store wine poster 15x36''
mint juleps or margaritas tasting event banner
chino cocktail recipe card etno cocktail recipe card charanda cocktail recipe card
2016 bordeaux tasting event banner
Michter's tasting event 5x7 face-plate poster Richter Riesling's tasting event 5x7 face-plate poster
outside of store Richter Riesling's tasting event tabloid poster

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