The initials 'SG' in a modern transitional serif with a green slime drip coming from the letters.
spring mixology class tasting event banner, on blue and brown stained wood

Commercial Designs

The Zachys Wine Auction Campaign

Zachys Fine Wine is an international wine store and auction house. They needed some promotional design help during their busy auction season. To meet this objective, I designed web graphics in different aspect ratios for in-store tasting events. I also crafted in-store design pieces, such as tabloid and face plate posters and cocktail recipe cards. This initial project led to a long and fruitful partnership which later involved editing over 8,000 images for their new auction website.

Take a look at some of the work below:

Project Type

  • digital design

  • print design

  • image editing

  • social media

new world wonders tasting event banner, nautical theme
chino cocktail recipe card, on blue gradient with lime etno cocktail recipe card, on purple gradient with pepper and cinnamon charanda cocktail recipe card, on orange gradient with lime
2016 bordeaux tasting event banner, on vineyard background
Michter's tasting event 5x7 face-plate poster, red stars in poster corners Richter Riesling's tasting event 5x7 face-plate poster, yellow double border
outside of store Richter Riesling's tasting event tabloid poster, yellow double border

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