The initials 'SG' in a modern transitional serif with a green slime drip coming from the letters.


Keep scrolling for samples of my work. Click the images to learn more about each project.

HergerDesign logo on a purple background with a darker purple flower glyph in the corner. Nicole Dama on pink background with a yellow squiggle Copy canary logo: a yellow and purple canary with script font title. Ben Harkham's logo E-86 on shoe sole Ramakrishna-Vivekananda of New York set in serif typeface Digital Science's logo on a light green background Rounded script logo reading 'LovelyDorrie' in pink with a yellow and white outline bouncing up and down on pink background with a darker pink repeating hearts and broken hearts pattern. Zachy's logo on vineyard background repeating pattern of multicolored sticker design repeating animation of stereo audio bars followed by Jacob Cooper's logo Sherri Fisher's logo, with her initials in a red serif repeating pattern of dump him logo NamaKiss logo with a small kiss mark above the title