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What I offer

Web Design

Websites have gone from “cool to have” to “absolutely necessary,” especially as the brick and mortar world shrinks before our eyes in these strange times. If you're starting from square one and need a new site coded from scratch, I can build you something captivating in HTML/CSS. I'm also fluent in template builders like Squarspace and Wordpress, and can make tweaks to live sites. I'll craft responsive, intuitive, and accessible web experiences that keep your audience clicking through.

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Digital and Interactive Media

These days, attention spans are really, really short and effective design is often visual and dynamic to match. I can design videos, social media campaigns, and other engaging media that gets your message across in our fast-paced digital world.

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If your brand were a person, what would they be like? Creating a strong brand identity (and therefore a strong market presence), means being able to answer this complex question with design. I can help you create branding from the ground up, or I can audit your current branding for improvement opportunities.

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Print Design

There's still a place in this world for brochures, flyers, and posters! I can design striking print campaigns that convert interest into action. I'm also a typography wiz, so if you're wondering how to get your next magazine idea off the ground – look no further.

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Custom Paintings and Illustrations

Realistic and illustrative portraiture and comic art are my specialties thanks to my strong fine arts foundation. We can work together to envision a custom commission based on your needs.

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Installations/​Experience Design

Designing a window display or a piece of performance art? Are you trying to prep for an important presentation? I can be your thought partner as we use all our senses to craft an immersive experience.

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Are you a DIY kind of person but don't know exactly where to start? Let's talk strategy! I can be your design-oriented sounding board for an hour or a day – whatever you need to get in gear for your next project.

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See something you need? Book a free call today, or keep exploring to learn more.