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How We'll Work Together

I believe in clear and consistent communication with my clients. The following is my recipe for success when it comes to meeting your needs:

1. First, we'll have a short chat. I'll ask you about your work and what you're hoping to gain by collaborating with a designer. I'll then brief you on my services, and how they might be able to help you achieve your goals. This conversation will cost you absolutely zero dollars and is all about seeing if we're a good fit. If not – no worries!

2. If you want to move forward, I'll write up a proposal. This is to ensure full transparency and a meeting of the minds. The proposal will include a list of deliverables, times for completion, and a price quote. We will then finalize the proposal (or part ways with my best wishes).

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3. We got something here? Great! Let's kick off! Once we've reached an agreement, I'll send you some questions which will help me understand the project's desired tone, style, and branding. I'll also send over a contract and an invoice for a 25% deposit.

4. I'll get to work (and keep you in the loop). This is the part where I roll up my sleeves and start designing. I'll give progress updates in whatever form and frequency you want, by phone, email, bird calls – you get the picture.

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5. Now, the fun part – I'll present the first draft! I'll walk you through the first version of the deliverables on a virtual meeting. Don't have time for one more meeting? Totally fine. If you prefer I'll send you over the work to review on your schedule. If you have questions about it, please ask! I love talking about the idea behind the design.

Important: My original quote includes two rounds of full revision. If we need more than that, we'll talk pricing. (But I bet that will be plenty).

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6. Celebrate and take the world by storm! Voila! You now have a thoughtfully crafted design to compliment your great work. Now get out there and use it – and let me know if there's ever anything else I can help with.

Sounds great, let's talk!
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