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Website Launch

HergerDesign - Graphic Design Studio

HergerDesign is a new graphic design agency based in Puerto Rico that works with a variety of local artists and entrepreneurs. They needed a new website to round out their launch, but were feeling overwhelmed by all of Wordpress's bells and whistles.

Working closely with their founder, Lizbeth Herger, I designed an energetic and modern Wordpress site that aligned well with the firm's aesthetic. I employed bright pops of color and animated transitions so that the site radiates energy and playfulness. I also ensured the site is fully responsive for desktop and mobile displays, and complies with website accessibility standards. Finally I set up easy-to-use portfolio webpage templates so that Wordpress never causes another headache for Herger's team.

Explore the website here:

Project Type

  • Wordpress website

  • website accessibility

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"Working with Sel on my portfolio site was both a joy and a relief. Even with my basic web design knowledge I was not able to figure out how to work with wordpress and Sel was able to give my website a professional and sophisticated look. They helped with functionality AND aesthetic. They were able to capture my vision before I even knew my vision. When issues appeared, they were able to go into the backend code to fix it. I would recommend their services to anyone creating a website. — Lizbeth Herger, Founder and Creative Director of Herger Design

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