The initials 'SG' in a modern transitional serif with a green slime drip coming from the letters.
boot on a model, her foot is pointed towards the camera, highlighting the shoe tread

Product Design and Marketing

Ben Harkham - Shoe Designer

Ben Harkham is a shoe designer who needed a graphic designer’s eye to help keep his production clean and professional. I rendered a shoe tread illustration which was used as a blueprint for his new boot. I updated his logo, taking it from a conceptual pencil sketch and transforming it into a high-quality vector logo. This allowed me to perfect the symmetry and spacing as well as format the image file to prevent distortion upon future use. I also made a mechanical diagram of the boot and created a design to be printed on the shoe box. (I even designed the shoe size sticker, stickler for cohesion that I am). I also helped develop the Shopify site layout. (site coming soon)

Project Type

  • vector illustration

  • logo

  • product design

  • Shopify website

tread of shoe with a curving 'x', e-86 logo on the heel vector illustration of shoe tread
brutalist overlay of logo, blueprint, and boot mechanical diagram. used on shoebox cover. rendered mockup of shoebox with e-86 cover design mechanical drawing of deconstructed boot
shoe size sticker, text is set mimicking a train schedule board, including a list of international cities. profile of boot

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