Selina Gerosa

Graphic and Web Designer

Digital Science is a technology company that works to help make research more efficient and accessible. I joined their team this past year to contribute to and manage content for their annual social media campaign. This year, we focused on failure in STEM and research and how it can be beneficial. I was so excited to join this campaign because as a designer, failure is very close to me. It is both frequent and mandatory. From the iterative process, to last minute changes, failure is everywhere. The campaign, #failtales, is about creating a dialogue around failure and embracing it's outcomes, no matter what they are.

As a marketing intern, I both generated content and worked to create connections between Digital Science and other people in STEM. Some of the projects I worked on include: co-writing a blog about how failure affects women in engineering, writing and editing a video about the history of women in engineering, securing a blog by Steve Mirsky about how failure has shaped his career, and launching and running a science communications contest with guest judges and follow-up mentorships with the winners.

I also worked on various projects outside of the campaign. For example, I researched and designed an infographic for mental health awareness week, I worked on a number of Pardot templates to demo their functionality, and I edited two videos for Dimensions, one of Digital Science's sister companies that makes finding and analyzing research papers, grants, patents, etc. easier and more accessible.


long infographic about mental health awareness for postgraduate science research students
#failtales contest first prize winner anouncement graphic #failtales contest second prize winner anouncement graphic #failtales contest third prize winner anouncement graphic

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