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Marketing and Design Content

Digital Science Portfolio Group

Digital Science is a technology portfolio group that makes research more efficient and accessible for start-ups. As a marketing intern, I generated written and visual content for Digital Science and fostered connections between the group and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals. One of the coolest projects I worked on was a campaign aimed at reframing failures in STEM as learning experiences. The campaign, #failtales, created a dialogue around failure and embracing its outcomes, no matter what they might be. During my time there, I also researched and designed infographics, did extensive work in Pardot, and provided creative input on several educational videos. See below for a selection of my best Digital Science work.

Project Type

  • digital design

  • social media

  • project management

  • video production

#failtales contest first prize winner anouncement graphic lgbt stem day announcement graphic Kate Gleeson was a pioneer of bevel gear panel manufacturing. She was the first female member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the first president of a bank, leading the First National Bank of East Rochester. The Rochester Institute of Technology College of Engineering is named in her honor.
did you know: Beatrice Hicks, co-founder and first president of the Society of Women Engineers, was the first woman engineer at Western Electric. She went on to be the president of Newark Controls Inc., where she developed technology used in the Apollo space missions. #failtales contest second prize winner anouncement graphic

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