Selina Gerosa

Graphic and Web Designer

facebook banner reading continuum with overlapping mobius strips in the background

Continuum is the 2018 BFA Thesis Show of Boston University School of Visual Arts. I worked with Olivia Gelard to generate the full brand identity and ad campaign for the show.



olivia and selina posing with printed poster and sticker
large black and white poster with centered mobius strip and colored octagons reading information for the thesis show

Branding Goals

1: Represent the unity between the graphic design, painting, sculpture, and printmaking majors.

2: Pay homage to the 808 Gallery where the Thesis Show was hosted, since it would be undergoing major construction after our graduation.

interior image of 808 gallery
digital invitation to thesis show with geometric patterned background

Olivia and I centered our thesis' brand on the unity between all visual art forms and the eternal nature of the creative spirit.

We chose the name Continuum because we believed our class was literally a continuum set of visual artists. We used Möbius on 15x22'' and 40x60'' posters to represent a similar infinity.

gif of monochromatic posters with alternating colors of mobius strips and shapes
front of show card reading all participant's names back of show card with colorful geometric pattern

Our favorite part of the 808 Gallery was the floor and ceiling patterns. We took simple shapes from them and used the shapes as building blocks for our banner posters and takeaway show cards.

long banner installed in a window with curated shapes
person entering 808 gallery with show banners on either side of the door

We knew we wanted to make stickers because stickers a great way to create a guerilla ad campaign in a city like Boston. We also wanted to incorporate the stickers into the rest of the brand, so we used them as the geometric forms on the large poster design.

sticker design with rotating colors
desktop display of website homepage

Finally, we knew there needed to be a web presence for our show, so we bought the url and designed a responsive web version of our poster. We also intended for the url to function as an ongoing archive of thesis show participents. In addition to the digital poster, there is a page with links to the websites or social media of everyone in our class.

mobile display of website homepage
olivia standing on a table and holding a banner selina standing on a table and holding a banner

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