The initials 'SG' in a modern transitional serif with a green slime drip coming from the letters.

One-of-a-kind Commissions

selection of different commissions including works in watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, and digital media.

There’s too much sameness out there– but there’s only one you, and trust me, there is definitely only one me. My custom illustrations, paintings, and sculptures will bring your excitedly burbled vision to life– and they are not for sale at a department near you.

I specialize in:
- Realistic portraiture that evokes our common humanity
- Original character illustrations that jump off the screen or the page
- Eye-catching social media headers and profile pictures
- Wall art that will make quarantine a little less drab and start some conversations... you know, eventually.

Some Specs

- Mediums: Watercolor, pen, gouache, colored pencil, and digital. Need something else? Let’s talk.

- Cost: Estimates depend on medium and scale. General range for 5x7 work is $100-$300

- Turnaround Time: Generally 1–2 weeks.

Interest Form

(Please fill out the form and I will reach out to discuss payment/delivery options.)

(Please describe, in general, what you’re looking for. We will discuss further.)