The initials 'SG' in a modern transitional serif with a green slime drip coming from the letters.
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Brand Identity and Website Launch

The Copy Canary - Copywriter

The Copy Canary, AKA Adele Costa, is a multi-talented copywriting solopreneur based in Albany, New York. Adele needed a bright, modern website to complete her business launch and to attract new clients. She had the site text down, but was struggling to build a cohesive visual presence.

That's where I came in. Together, Adele and I used the dynamic logo designed by fellow artist Kristina Tran to concept out the brand's visual identity. I then adapted it to a Squarespace website for accessible updating. My favorite part of the project has to be the sleek and feminine icon set of cartoon canaries in various states of professionalism. I mean, just look at these little guys:

Project Type

  • brand design

  • Squarespace website

  • website accessibility

  • vector illustration

adorable orange lineart illustrations of canaries wearing hats and reading papers

Explore the website:

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"Sel is a genius. I really believe this. They took my half-baked ramblings, random sketches, and desperate wishes and transformed them into my dream website. I could not have launched such a polished and authentic web presence without them and I will be raving about them to literally everyone I know forever. Bonus Points: They're super responsive and easy to work with. Stop reading and hire them already. You won't regret it." — Adele Costa, AKA The Copy Canary

desktop display of books page desktop display of books page

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