Selina Gerosa

Graphic and Web Designer

Hello there, I'm Selina Gerosa. I'm a graphic and web designer based in NY. I have always loved problem solving, and to me, that's what design is all about. It's the system that helps us solve problems in innovative ways.

I recently earmed a BFA in graphic design from Boston University, but my creative journey began way before that. I started keeping a sketchpad after one of my middle school art class assignments was to draw regularly in one. I've kept one close by ever since. Check out my digital sketchpad + all my creative work @sketcharoony . I found my passion for graphic design in high school after taking an AP art class and since then, my love of design has only grown.

Nowadays, I spend most of my time designing websites, running social media campaigns, and looking for new and interesting projects. In my spare time, I read academic papers about internet culture, watch niche cartoons, and make mini websites @

If you're interested in really getting to know me, and want to see some of my other projects, head over to my creative portfolio @

Interested in working with me?

colored pencil self portrait